Sun in Aries

She has a strong personality and an entrepreneurial spirit. She is ambitious and self-willed, stubborn, obstinate and tenacious.

Weaknesses: nervousness, impulsiveness, wastefulness, provoking nature, restlessness and changeability.

Moon in Cancer

She is likeable and sociable. Very sensitive to environmental conditions and surroundings. She likes home, habits, comfort and her little world. Large families.

Weaknesses: subject to family circle, indolence, inertia. She is impressionable and too sensitive. Family problems in her childhood.

Mercury in Pisces

Fertile imagination, kind, good. Capable and flexible mind, but a little artificial.

Weaknesses: melancholy, gullibility. Tendency to illusions, fears and apprehensiveness.

Venus in Taurus

Amiability and fidelity. Likes to please and dress up. Earns a good living. She is generous but not extravagant. Affectionate, sensual and loving in nature, she likes the good things of Life, sensitive to beauty, melodious sounds, perfumes. Love arrives slowly, without passion but with force. Love is lasting.

Weaknesses: indolence, laziness, immoderate taste for pleasures of Life, gambling, entertainment and luxury.

Mars in Capricorn

She is inflexible, rigid. She is very firm, controls herself, observes and is very watchful. She has a great sense of responsibility.

Weaknesses: she has a vindictive character, is hard and bitter.

Jupiter in Pisces

Strength, tenderness, devotion, charity, pity.

Weaknesses: lets herself go, can sometimes be influanced by her social circle.

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in VIII

Financial problems ease after marriage.

Moon in X

Changes of situation. She is frightened of getting old and tends to hark back to the past. Influenced by her relationship with her father. Success due to help from women.

Mercury in VII

Hates being alone. She has lots of friends, likes to discuss and similarly has a lot of work friends. Likes to write.

Venus in IX

Finds love abroad or marries someone of a very different background or upbringing. Refined mind, she likes the Arts, is carried away by beautiful things. She is very happy abroad.

Mars in IV

Quick decisions, she has a lot of things on her plate and wants to climb the social ladder. She will succeed through phenomenal work-rate. Stormy family life, where her aggressiveness shows itself.

Jupiter in VI

She has a responsible job in an organization. Dislikes working for herself. She helps the sick and under-privileged with kindness. Probably overdoes the good life, she likes animals, the country.

Saturn in III

Her studies will be restricted. She is serious, discrete. She takes on mental tasks that require time and concentration. She travels little even though she likes it. She has few friends, who are, however, very close.

Uranus in IV

She is very independent. Her independence begins vis-...-vis the family circle. She does not like bureaucracy, administration, and has problems as a result. She has avant-garde ideas, she is original and does not tolerate constraints on her freedom.

Neptune in IV

She succeeds thanks to brilliant and unusual ideas. She is very much influenced by her mother.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant in Virgo

Predisposed for the medical, paramedical, communications or social service professions. Likes peace and tranquility at home. Looks for a loving and tender partner.

House II in Libra

Income will come either as a result of an advantageous marriage, or by a very useful associations.

House III in Scorpio

Makes a good investigator because she is very curious, likes researching and does this with a lot of patience, likes to solve mysteries. Knows how to take risks, while being aware of the dangers.

House IV in Sagittarius

She will travel if given the chance, or go to live abroad permanently and set up home there.

House V in Capricorn

The absolute example of the "serious" type. Everything is calculated, the slightest risk analyzed, patience is one of her main qualities. Doesn't know anything about chance. One or two love affairs, marriage, a family, done calmly with love and wisdom.

House VI in Aquarius

One of the professions or teaching. Weak point: the circulation of the blood.

House VII in Pisces

The first love's lack of energy and vitality will annoy her, and this could lead to the break-up of the union. A second, happier one could happen with someone unlike her first in almost every way.

House VIII in Aries

The spouse will tend to spend more money than she earns. Be careful of any haste that could prove dangerous. Drives a car too fast.

House IX in Taurus

Travels but little, appreciates things and people close to her home and heart. Doesn't change principles, practically never changes mind once set.

House X in Gemini

Profession requiring lots of change and movement. If this isn't the case, then lots of job changes. Likes to move, travel, write.

House XI in Cancer

Sincere and life-long friendships. The family comes first, however.

House XII in Leo

A few problems with authority or someone in charge. Rebel by nature.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.
The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

-562 Opposition Moon - Mars

She is very emotional and is driven to do things by her emotions. Her head argues with her heart. She can be impulsive.

285 Conjunction Mars - Neptune

Her wisdom is great and her standards geared towards the ideal. She likes water, sea voyages. She likes odd people.

-227 Opposition Moon - Neptune

She lacks firmness, She likes to live in a dream, in the imaginary.

165 Trine Moon - Jupiter

She is frank, honest, optimistic and generous. She likes good cooking, her comforts. Her friendships are sincere. She is a worker and knows how to surround herself with the right people: she is appreciated at work.

159 Trine Moon - Pluto

She wavers between a rich and successful love life and social success. She has difficulty in succeeding in both. Almost always, the choice comes down on an ideal emotional life.

97 Trine Sun - Uranus

She is above all independent and original. She likes change, reforms, she is allergic to everything routine. She has a strong personality, and has many friends.

89 Sextile Mars - Pluto

She is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confidence and goes to the end of her plans.

80 Trine Venus - Ascendant

She likes everything beautiful, the Arts, balance and harmony. She is amiable and sociable. She likes entertainment and has a loving nature.

80 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

-60 Square Jupiter - Saturn

She is oftain mistrustful and has high standards for her peers. She is easily frustrated when things go wrong.

58 Sextile Mars - Jupiter

She has a good sense of organization, she is jovial, frank and sincere. She is full of dynamism and over-abundant energy. She loves life and takes all it has to offer. She likes sports and the outdoor life. She is successful professionally and emotionally. She usually has lots of children.

31 Trine Jupiter - Pluto

She likes the direct, is intelligent and is an organizer of the first order.

-29 Opposition Uranus - Midheaven

These are changeable. She lacks attention at times. She throws herself into things, more than reacts to them.

-10 Square Jupiter - Midheaven

She has highs and lows in her professional life.

8 Trine Venus - Mars

She is amorous, not a peaceful and calm lover but a passionate one with a strong temperament. She is demonstrative in love, and likes healthy pleasures. She enjoys life to the full.

-4 Opposition Saturn - Midheaven

She must struggle a lot and work hard to achieve her aims. Although confronted by discouraging circumstances, she knows how to set off again and continue the fight.