Sun in Sagittarius

She is good, idealistic, enthusiastic and warm-hearted. She is independent, has a taste for travel and freedom. She is pre-disposed to a professional career.

Weaknesses: She is too adventurous and leaves things to chance: takes risks which cause problems: she is rebellious and has a playful spirit.

Moon in Aquarius

She is sociable, intelligent and lucid. Thanks to great sociability, she has many friends off differing circles. She is modern, original, inventive, non-conformist and brings new life.

Weaknesses: she is eccentric, with sharp mood swings. Complex love life.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Democrat, philosopher, tolerant, respectful of laws. Likes foreign travel. Believes that everything teaches you something.

Weaknesses: free spirit, that likes adventure and will leap into hazardous and risky affairs.

Venus in Sagittarius

Open-heartedness, devotion, generosity, charity, altruism. She likes foreigners or she can find love abroad. Has problems with the family or with the society in which she lives. She looks for affection, love far from the family circle or the unconventional relationship. She needs freedom.

Weaknesses: she loves adventure and risk, and the unforeseen is always to be expected.

Mars in Scorpio

Aggressiveness can lead to a fight against society, injustice in general and can sometimes be very violent. She can be the leader of an organization or a union, but the aggressiveness can be directed towards self-destruction if it does not have an outlet. The latter is by no means certain, as she finds many means of expression for her passions.

Weaknesses: passion, rage, fanaticism, quarrels.

Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn
A Capricorn Ascendant indicates individuals with energetic, success-oriented personalities, and determination to satisfy their personal goals. The shrewdness and open ambition associated with the sun or moon in Capricorn does not always show up so overtly in the personality of those with Capricorn Ascendant but these traits are present nevertheless. Most of them are very capable managers and supervisors, willing to accept responsibilities and positions of authority.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of structure, restriction and longevity. It is often an indication of a difficult birth or restricted childhood. However, it doesn't matter what particular difficulties life presents to these individuals, their biggest challenge is always themselves. They are apt to be disappointed with some aspect of their personalities or appearance and may develop conflicting behavior to deal with these feelings when they surface.

Capricorn ruling the first house raises the competitive spirit and by no means dictates the presence of a somber or colorless personality. On the contrary, it implies individuals who are apt to possess overcompensating cheerful personalities, and they willingly accept responsibilities and hardships which they are apt to feel they were born to endure. There is always a choice to be made, and the right one is never easy because it usually involves success which must be earned.

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in XII

Professional success is assured in her chosen of occupations. Work in laboratories, scientific research, police, information services, hospitals and with the elderly or the young.

Moon in II

Very ingenious and inventive where earning money is concerned. Moves around, likes travels.

Mercury in XI

She has lots of friends. She likes intelligent, cultivated people which whom she can have verbal battles: she likes debates, interminable discussions. She likes to be friends with younger people.

Venus in XII

She is devoted to sick or impoverished people. Can be in the medical or social professions. She likes animals, tranquility, peace and solitude. She has secret love affairs.

Mars in X

She devotes lots of energy to work, which continues till a great age. She is a dedicated worker, not afraid of getting down to it. She improves her living conditions. She can complete long-term tasks. She is easily excitable, gets upset and in the same vein criticizes even herself.

Jupiter in II

Easygoing over money matters, no credit problems, increases her inheritance. She earns good money, without too much effort. She enjoys what she has.

Saturn in XI

She appreciates the company of her elders, and of those of intelligence and good counsel. These will help success in professional life. She has few close friends and has many in her circle.

Uranus in XII

She has difficulty in adapting to the modern world, to the veiws of humanity. She looks for a job where she has freedom or can be her own boss.

Neptune in I

She is intuitive, sensitive. Not a fighter but is rarely indecisive.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant (House I) in Capricorn

If childhood and youth are not very scholarly periods, with little success, maturity and old age will always see the arrival of success. The rise will be slow, and she will be self-taught, spending all her life studying and instructing herself.

House II in Aquarius

Success in professional life won't take place without the help of social circles, institutions of education and protectors. While she might earn enormous amounts, she is capable of even more.

House III in Pisces

Ideas are somewhat changeable, and her humor as well. Travel, sea voyages or work connected with the sea.

House IV in Aries

Lots of authority within the family. She knows how to take the destiny of the family in hand. She is very energetic, very strong, knowing how to cope with life's setbacks.

House V in Taurus

A pleasant home, a charming husband, loving and sweet children, nice little meals, pleasant evenings with the loved one, that's the good life.

House VI in Gemini

Good secretary, or equally good sales rep. Weak point: the glands, sometimes also the lungs.

House VII in Cancer

Marriage, a nice little family. The spouse will not always be easy to live with, a little too eccentric.

House VIII in Leo

Have regular check-ups on the heart and arteries.

House IX in Virgo

She is devoted to all causes that bring comfort or help to people in difficulty.

House X in Libra

Contacts of all kinds will lead to social success, professional, through marriage etc... Likes society life, friendships that could help professionally. Sometimes jobs connected with justice, but always involved with important and influential people.

House XI in Scorpio

Adores to debate endlessly with friends who don't share her ideas. The discussion can lead to words, even a certain verbal violence.

House XII in Sagittarius

Problems abroad, or with foreigners, or those of differing backgrounds.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

329 Conjunction Mercury - Saturn

326 Sextile Sun - Moon

She has lots of vitality. She likes public life, she is popular and her company is appreciated. She is balanced, at ease with herself.

313 Conjunction Venus - Uranus

independent in love. Her love life is rich. She tires quickly and is scared of losing her liberty. If she marries, she will need freedom. She has that little something that attracts the opposite sex: she likes amorous adventures, she is romantic. She is the eternal lover and she likes art, anything new.

290 Conjunction Mars - Pluto

She is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confidence and goes to the end of her plans.

209 Conjunction Sun - Uranus

She is above all independent and original. She likes change, reforms, she is allergic to everything routine. She has a strong personality, and has many friends.

163 Sextile Venus - Jupiter

She is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. She likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. She has good relations with her circle. She is easy to approach. All the same, she falls in love easily. She has a successful married and professional life.

126 Conjunction Sun - Venus

She is gay, sociable, welcoming. She is a lover, and has many affairs: she is seduced by beauty and charm. She likes the Arts and social life.

126 Sextile Mars - Neptune

Her feelings are dominated by wisdom and geared towards the ideal. She likes water, sea voyages. She likes odd people.

110 Sextile Mars - Ascendant

77 Conjunction Neptune - Ascendant

She has strange relationships. She is easily influenced, very sensitive and emotional.

76 Conjunction Sun - Ascendant

75 Conjunction Sun - Neptune

She has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional - all qualities that she uses on the professional level. She likes the Arts, beauty.

57 Trine Moon - Mars

She is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. She is strong-willed and powerful at work. She is a little hard on herself but, above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as great.

40 Trine Moon - Midheaven

She has a sense of family, profound feelings and especially likes children. If there are changes in her professional life, they are for the better.

28 Sextile Uranus - Midheaven

She must have a job that allows her complete freedom, something non-routine. She likes change, has a lot of energy and knows how to influence others in spite of her originality.

22 Sextile Jupiter - Uranus

She knows what's going on at a glance. She thirsts after knowledge, and is a good organizer. She is very independent, likes her freedom of action, is a non-conformist. She is very agreeable company and is always in demand.

15 Trine Jupiter - Midheaven

She is a high liver, likes to have fun but knows what she wants and does whatever necessary to get it. She wants to - and does - succeed socially. After a hard day's work, a good well-lubricated meal in the company of friends is just the ticket.

12 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

6 Sextile Sun - Midheaven

She knows what she wants on the professional level, is aware of her objectives and does everything to achieve them, she will carry out plans to the very end. She has a good job as well as a good reputation.

1 Sextile Pluto - Ascendant

She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.